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Harmony House

Exciting news:

Saturday March 21 -- Starting this week we will be having online lessons! We have set up three cameras. We've experimented with a handful of students and the results are fantastic! I can send music through the Parent/student Portal as PDFs to print.

We have to keep our spirits up through the power of Music!
Please give us your relevant Facetime or Skype contact information using the secure response form HERE.

Under certain circumstances, profanity provides a relief denied even to prayer. -- Mark Twain

Piano lessons - all levels, all ages

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This week

Online lessons by Skype or FaceTime.
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To inquire about lessons please click here (New students).

We are happy to provide a free consultation and introductory lesson.

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Our number one goal: to have all students enjoy their music.

The studio is set up for online lessons with several video cameras showing different views, and a wired high speed Internet connection (not WiFi).

Updated March 17, 2020
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